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Zachary Dennis Gys

Submitted by: Louise Born: 1989 Died: 2013 My Tribute: My beloved son, Zachary died on July 19, 2013 from a methadone overdose. He was trying to get his life in order and had experienced 60 days of recovery prior to his passing. He was a wonderful child with a great sense of humor and a […]

Adam Chamberlin Parker

Submitted by: Kathy Parker Born: 1991 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Adam Chamberlin Parker June 4, 1991 - July 1, 2013 Adam was an inspiration to many, his mom included.  He was very loving, and had a soft spot in his heart for helping the elderly and enjoyed being in the moment spending time with children.  […]

Denny M. Bristow

Submitted by: Sherri Bristow Boster Born: 1986 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Denny fought his addiction hard which started with oxytocin and ended with heroin. Denny was greatly loved and is missed by many. Gone to young.

David “DJ” Griffiths

Submitted by: GC Born: 1978 Died: 2011 My Tribute: David “DJ” Griffiths Born: November 28, 1978 Died: February 17, 2011 Dj was my friend and father of our 7 year old son. He had a kind heart, and loved his family very much. He got hurt at work and was given Oxycontin. He became addicted, […]

Wentzel Van Der Berg

Submitted by: GC Born: 1984 Died: 2012 My Tribute: Wentzel Van Der Berg February 23, 1984 – February 25, 2012 Age 29 Hey you guys don’t feel guilty, It was just my time to go. I can see you’re all feeling sad, I can see the tears still flow. My life’s journey ended early, … […]

Mark Jeremy Susong

Submitted by: GC Born: 1990 Died: 2012 My Tribute: Mark Jeremy Susong 6/5/90 – 2/10/12 By his own admission, our son Mark didn’t get hooked on drugs because of some trauma in his life; he met one wrong person, tried it, and was hooked. When he died, he’d been clean 18 months, had a job, […]

Sarah Sonneborn

Submitted by: GC Born: 1989 Died: 2012 My Tribute: Sarah Sonneborn April 18, 1989 – January 30, 2012 Age 22 My daughter Sarah passed on January 30.2012 from Oxiintoxication. Sarah fought her addiction for 4 years. 5 rehabs later she is gone If there is one thing I learned from all those meetings is once […]

Michael Francis Pelone

Submitted by: GC Born: 1987 Died: 2010 My Tribute: Michael Francis Pelone January 23, 1987 – August 20, 2010 Age 23 Michael fought hard against the disease of addiction that started with Oxycontin and moved on to Heroin. It was a five year battle- he was doing well, had a job, living in a sober […]

John M. Perkins Jr.

Submitted by: Liz Perkins Born: 1981 Died: 2011 My Tribute: John M. Perkins Jr. April 16, 1981 – May 5, 2011 Age 30 Our son, John M. Perkins Jr., lost his life to a heroin overdose on 5-5-11. John had turned 30 years old two weeks before on 4-16-11. He was our only son, our […]

Anthony Harting

Submitted by: GC Born: 1981 Died: 2012 My Tribute: Anthony Harting December 1981 to June 2012 This picture says so much about you. Anthony loved to joke, both his girls adore him, everyone who knew him saw the love he had for his girls….and they for him. He’s my only son and is missed beyond […]