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Michael – the love of my life

Submitted by: Gale -mom Born: 1982 Died: 2014 My Tribute: You were everything to me, my beautiful Michael. Our connection will never be broken - sleep tight my love.

Sweet James

Submitted by: Stacee Nunez Born: 1996 Died: 2014 My Tribute: Sweet boy as unique as his name: James Atticus John Paul & Ringo Ralls. We had hoped and prayed so long for a happier future for you and your sweet mom. Wishing peace for you both as our hearts break for the loss that your […]

Missing my big brother

Submitted by: Joanna Born: 1980 Died: 2014 My Tribute: I think about you every minute, missing you every second and reminiscing of our good times growing up together. You knew I loved you, I'm sorry that it turned into tough love as you're illness, your addiction took over. I should of told you I loved […]

Samantha (Sammy) Medinger

Submitted by: Jody Medinger Born: 1989 Died: 2014 My Tribute: My beautiful only child fought her demons bravely and was called home on Jan 4th, 2014, due to an overdose.

Brandon McKennon

Submitted by: Debbie Michalik (Mom) Born: 1983 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Gone too soon! I will always remember your sweet smile, and the loving person you were. Drugs took over your life, but it never took away your kind & loving heart. I miss you so very much! When you died, a piece of me […]

Justin Olsen

Submitted by: Kit Olsen Born: 1989 Died: 2014 My Tribute: My loving son Justin who I miss terribly but is still near and dear to my heart.

Raymond Zaorski

Submitted by: Karen Zaorski Born: 1983 Died: 2010 My Tribute: Our beautiful first born child, Raymond, was smart, cheerful, funny, artistic, kind and loving. He was a delightful, curious child growing up. He always had a smile on his face. He enjoyed playing with his younger brother and time spent with his grandparents. He loved […]

Chris Spencer

Submitted by: Lynn Spencer Born: 1987 Died: 2012 My Tribute: Chris was a beautiful person inside and out, he died of a disease he fought for 5 years, in the end the damage to his body from the drugs took his life. He will be forever missed by so many especially his sister and Mom. […]

Christopher Dinwiddie

Submitted by: Larae Koerber. - mother Born: 1986 Died: 2011 My Tribute: Christopher was a wonderful child growing up with a compassionate heart. He grew into a wonderful man as well. He helped everyone who needed a hand, always made sure anyone homeless had something to eat. He was an amazing father who took to […]

Kristen Carol Coutu

Submitted by: Suzanne Coutu - Mom Born: 1985 Died: 2014 My Tribute: Kristen was my only child, beautiful and wise. She was a "force to be reckoned with" and had a spirit that could fill a room. She made me laugh like no one could and never failed to tell me how much she loved […]