Tyler Richard Myers

Submitted by: Destiny
Born: 1992
Died: 2016
My Tribute: On August 8th my world as I knew it stopped the moment your heart no longer beat. All of our memories the good and the bad began pouring through my mind like some type of slideshow. I miss you so profoundly that I can feel it in my bones. Until our souls met I had no idea what love was, and I thank you so much for showing me a love so real. Even through death you’ve shown me that a love like ours will never actually die. I promise to never stop noticing the signs you send me to help me to remember that you are only as far away as I allow you to be. I’ll be be sure to keep your memory alive; you will NOT die in vain. I will NOT allow your death to be surrounded by a stigma. Your life is just as important as everyone else’s. You were and still are so very loved. Until we meet again, babe.