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Richard F. Demoss III

Submitted by: GC Born: 1988 Died: 2011 My Tribute: Richard F. Demoss III April 1988 to June 2011 Age 23 Ricky was born on Easter Sunday April 2, 1988. He had a great childhood. He traveled to the islands, went to the beach and got to Disney on family vacations. He was a good friend […]

Scott Shawn Schultz

Submitted by: GC Born: 1987 Died: 2011 My Tribute: Scott Shawn Schultz March 20, 1987 to June 11, 2011 Age 24 My son Scott came to me on the first day of spring 1987. My first born and my only son. All of your bios sound so familiar. My son kept telling me that the […]

Mary Mickelson

Submitted by: Marie Minnich Born: 1976 Died: 2009 My Tribute: Mary Mickelson December 1976 to August 2009 Age 32 Marie Minnich lost her 32 year old daughter, Mary Mickelsen, to a heroin overdose on the night of August 18, 2009. After 5 days in coma, Mary succumbed and passed on August 23, 2009. Mary’s 16 […]

Stephen Michael Spory

Submitted by: GC Born: 1983 Died: 2012 My Tribute: Stephen Michael Spory September 16, 1983 to December 8, 2012 Age 29 How do you describe someone you love so much with a few words? Stephen was my son. He was fun-loving and had tons of friends He loved Michigan football, basketball and hockey. He loved […]

Jamie Lee King

Submitted by: GC Born: 1982 Died: 2009 My Tribute: Jamie Lee King October 19, 1982 – June 6, 2009 Age: 26 Jamie was born in Guam 1982. She was born with such amazing spirit, something that would sustain her thru many obstacles in life. She was smart, funny, intuitive, lived life to he fullest She […]

Glen Tyson Alexander

Submitted by: Margaret Alexander Born: 1987 Died: 2010 My Tribute: Glen Tyson Alexander February 17, 1987 ~ July 2, 2010 Glen always said, He didn’t have a purpose in life. He did. He does. Glen was born in Whittier, CA on February 17, 1987. He was the youngest of six children (2 brothers and 3 […]

Gregory Hill Humes

Submitted by: David Humes Born: 1987 Died: 2012 My Tribute: The disease of addiction takes good people to bad places. In Greg's case he served time in prison. A little more than a week after he was released, we had a family skate that had already been planned. That is what is pictured. Greg skated […]

Andrew Todd Cicotte

Submitted by: Jani McNeill Born: 1974 Died: 2010 My Tribute: The Lord makes all things new. My precious little brother.

Terry Lee Hartzog

Submitted by: GC Born: 1963 Died: 2011 My Tribute: Terry Lee Hartzog April 12, 1963 – September 27, 2011 Age 48 Terry was my youngest child, and what a blessing he was.His childhood was filled with, fishing baseball, soccer and boxing,. After years of strugling with addiction, he was trying so hard to live a […]

George David Maras

Submitted by: GC Born: 1968 Died: 2007 My Tribute: George David Maras Age 39 (Georgie) had many fine qualities. He was brilliant with numbers, and could calculate without pen and paper – even after his 2002 car accident in which he sustained a traumatic brain injury. He loved to cook, working as a chef, creating […]