Webinar: Harm Reduction for Parents & Teachers

Date: May 18, 2020
Attributing Author: Sasha Simon
Source: MadeofMillions.com

We’ve got a broken drug education system and we’ve yet to fix it. Decades of under-education and over-criminalization hasn’t made drug use and sales decline, nor has it made drug use any safer. 

Denying the fact that we use drugs — pharmaceutically, illicitly, recreationally, therapeutically — has left many Americans with a warped view on drug users and their own drug use, often limiting our capacity to envision another way to keep kids and communities safe.

This episode brings together youth and drug policy advocates that are leading the curve to change how we learn and teach about drugs by empowering communities to embrace more compassionate and effective strategies for addressing drug use in the U.S.

Sasha Simon from Drug Policy Alliance leads the discussion joined by Tamara Olt Executive Director Broken No More/ GRASP, and three innovative health educators-Mark Williams Jr., Erin Hiltbrand Hall, Joe Rubin –who piloted the Safety First Curriculum which is the US’s first harm-reduction based drug education program for high school students.

>> Click here to watch the webinar.

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