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Beloit Chapter

Sandy Waters tribute

Sandy Waters “Mingo”

Sandy Waters tribute
Submitted by: Bobbie Perez
Born: 1990
Died: 2022
My Tribute: There needs to be more awareness of this fentanyl epidemic I just recently lost my 32-year-old firstborn son to mixing fentanyl while being intoxicated he left behind a beautiful 11-year-old son and two young brothers and a 29-year-old brother that still struggles daily that uses constantly pure Fentanyl it breaks my heart that he can use, but he’s in the thing of why him why not me my heart breaks for anybody and everybody that has to deal with this nasty nasty drug

Washington Chapter

Brandon Watkins tribute

Brandon James Watkins

Brandon Watkins tribute
Submitted by: Corey Watkins
Born: 1984
Died: 2020
My Tribute:

Ryan Chandler tribute

Ryan Chandler

Ryan Chandler tribute
Submitted by: Bertie Chandler
Born: 1986
Died: 2020
My Tribute: To my beloved son. Gone too soon. I love you and miss you soooooo much.

Brandon Elswick tribute

Brandon P Elswick

Brandon Elswick tribute
Submitted by: Becky
Born: 1988
Died: 2021
My Tribute: My fiance’ lost his battle with addiction 12/30/21 when I came on to find him in our home deceased on the kitchen floor….he so wanted to be “normal” again and not feel the way he did. He was the most kind and loving man I had ever met. We had so many dreams and plans but the drug took him. He was a strong believer in pray and God so I know he’s no longer suffering…I miss my babe with all my heart. I love you Brandon Paul

Eric Hollenweger tribute

Erich Michael Hollenweger

Eric Hollenweger tribute
Submitted by: Mom
Born: 3/90
Died: 6/16
My Tribute: Gone way too soon. I love you always, no matter what.
Been 6 years and not a day goes by that I don’t miss you.

Austin Levi tribute

Austin Levi

Austin Levi tribute
Submitted by: Austin’s mom
Born: 0789
Died: 2018
My Tribute: My beautiful son Austin Levi Thackston… This child was a wonderful gift from God. He had a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. The gift of his life completed my world . I honor him for the love God gave us to share. Thank you Jesus. I didn’t get to keep him for my whole earthly life but he was the most wonderful blessing I have received. He was my only child and when he left this Earth he took my shattered heart with him. I hold on to the promises of God and I know I will see my sweet child again one day.