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Zoë Katherine Yerbic

Submitted by: Heidi Williamson (Mom) Born: 1994 Died: 2024 My Tribute: Be still, beautiful girl, you’re finally at peace. We promise to always make sure that your babies know how much you loved them. Love you first, most & forever, Punk.

Phillip Thompson Jr

Submitted by: Ellen Berry (Mom) Born: 1972 Died: 2023 My Tribute: You could have been saved…rest well!

Julie Kay Cussen

Submitted by: Carrie Farley Born: 1984 Died: 2023 My Tribute: My youngest sister, Julie Kay, was a plagued with alcoholism for most of her adult life. She had the biggest brightest smile and wanted so much to engage in Life. I was 10 years old when she was born and had a hand in raising her […]

Michael J. McLean

Submitted by: Isabelle Grace Jackson Born: 1979 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Micael Jason Mclean knew his purpose in life. Despite his battle with addiction and brokenheartedness, his first thought was always to help others. His heart was so big he welcomed anyone who needed someone to just look out for them. Sadly he lost his […]

Jennifer Muffoletto

Submitted by: John Muffoletto Born: 1988 Died: 2023 My Tribute: This is my beautiful wife who was finally happy to have a life. After 15 years of addiction, she had gotten clean. For 15 years auction was her way of life. The only way she knew. So when life got stressful she did the only […]

Marissa Lupo

Submitted by: Marissa Lupo Born: 1975 Died: 2023 My Tribute: I love you mom always have and always will. Your finally free from all the pain, hurt, and suffering. In your heart, mind, and life. No more tears and heartache. No more hurt. Just peace. Your finally free. Just wish it wasn’t so soon or at […]