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Kelly Palmer

Submitted by: Sarah Willey Born: 1991 Died: 2022 My Tribute: The most genuine, beautiful, hilarious, loving soul there ever was! We miss you with whole hearts Kelly Belly. We love you endlessly.

James Acerno

Submitted by: Laura Mallon Born: 1984 Died: 2022 My Tribute: My beautiful son James Acerno. It’s been 7 months. I miss you and love you always. I talk with you every day and will never get over losing you. Until we meet again, xo

Jolly Jones

Submitted by: Leslie Gentry (Mother) Born: 1998 Died: 2021 My Tribute: Jolly was 22. Everyone who met him loved him. He was happy, funny, helpful, and silly. He was the kind of person people were drawn to because of his positive energy and easygoing nature. He was also as stubborn as they came, but he loved […]

Jaeydeyn Rivers

Submitted by: Brooke Dilaurentis Born: 2004 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Jaeydeyn Was My Best Friend. We Grew Up together. He Was My first Love. Me, Rachel, Amelia and His Unborn Child. Me, Rachel and Him Were So Close.

Amy Houser

Submitted by: Michael Jensen Born: 1975 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Amy was always a vibrant and active young girl. Even after our misplacement. She could be seen around the town of Moab Utah for most of her life. Whether she was camped out somewhere along the Colorado river or lying in a pool of water along […]

Sarah Allison Workman

Submitted by: Diana Workman Born: 1986 Died: 2018 My Tribute: My Christmas Angel, you were the best Christmas present anyone could ask for. You were my mini-me. I don’t know how to live without you; your daughter is a mini you, raising her is a challenge as she is just like you and then some. Your […]

Dennis Draves

Submitted by: Maddie Allen Born: 1962 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Dad, I miss you so much. You were doing so well and I’m so proud of us for getting to know each other better and finding a way to mend old wounds towards the end. I wish you were here with us. Im working hard at […]

Nathan Brown

Submitted by: Tina Lynn Mosley Born: 2000 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Nate was my nephew died 09-14-22 from fentanyl. Forever 21