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‘Jace’ Korynn Berry

Submitted by: Mother: Aimee Nekoranik Born: 1995 Died: 2020 My Tribute: My oldest of 4 passed on Sept. 5, 2020. After years of battling, telling me this will kill her, that the addiction has defeated her, fighting for both of us when she couldn’t….then finally finding salvation and strength through 7+ years of rehab/recovery process and […]

Ricky Gamez

Submitted by: Theresa Gamez Born: 1994 Died: 2018 My Tribute: Ricky, Son not a day goes by that I don’t miss you baby boy!! You left us way too soon, and should still be here. Your overdose will NOT be in vain son!! I am proactively getting involved and all kinds of overdose awareness campaigns and […]

Joey Ritchie

Submitted by: Debbie Lindley Born: 1986 Died: 2015 My Tribute: My Son Joey-a Beautiful Soul.

Zachary Zerfass

Submitted by: Dolores Zerfass Born: 1992 Died: 2020 My Tribute: This is one of the most beautiful soul’s I have ever met in my life. He’s my son Zachary. I am honored to have been his mom for the past 28 years. He was one of the unlucky ones who lost his life to overdose after […]

Jonathan Escartin

Submitted by: Mom Born: 1993 Died: 2020 My Tribute: My beloved and precious son. Words can not express the deep sorrow we all feel at this moment. Our family will never be complete again, you are missed beyond measurement but rest assure that you will NEVER be forgotten as so live in our hearts, minds and […]

Lucas “Lucky” Lee Kelsey

Submitted by: Your Babe, Rachel Born: 1993 Died: 2019 My Tribute: I can still hear your voice. I can even still smell you sometimes. I feel so alone babe. I hope you found a temporary girl wherever you are to take care of you. I hope she writes cute notes for you to find in your […]

Avery Lessing

Submitted by: Lorraine Amaral Born: 1997 Died: 2020 My Tribute: My beautiful, smart, and kind daughter loss her life to drugs. I still can’t believe it. The pain and sorrow are beyond words. I try to take solace in the fact that she is no longer in pain and that she was able to save several […]

Robby Collins

Submitted by: H Born: 1990 Died: 2020 My Tribute: Robby was a beautiful light that shined; even though he battled with his own demons of addiction. He was a beautiful soul, my true love & a loving father. He will forever be on my mind and in our hearts.

Holly Whitlock

Submitted by: Nicole Whitlock Born: 1982 Died: 2020 My Tribute: My sissy. You were always your own person. Growing up you were unlike anyone I knew and I adored you. I wanted any hand me down you would throw my way. I wish I knew your struggles. I’m sorry dad left us and I’m sorry he […]