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Rebekah Christianna

Submitted by: Amy Wojtalik Born: 1996 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Rebekah had the most contagious smile, it lit up the room! She was the most caring, kindhearted person I knew! She was always there to help anyone! She was my world, my best friend, my loving daughter and my Sunshine! She never stopped fighting her demons! […]

Bryan Porter

Submitted by: Patty Baker Born: 1981 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Bryan was so much fun. We hang out a lot together. Just enjoying the simple things in life, walking, drinking coffee, trying new restaurants, and always catching up on tv shows on Netflix. He hated being addicted but keep trying to get away from drugs. But […]

Will Brennan

Submitted by: Cheryl Brennan Born: 1994 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Will was my first born, he was a great child.: very kind, strong willed and so so smart. We had many wonderful years together alone and then with Noah and Talia, his younger siblings. Headways had girlfriends, and was a loyal friend to those he hung […]

Devin Coe

Submitted by: Rachelle Clark Born: 1991 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Devin Coe. You lived with your heart on your sleeve. I am eternally grateful for your presence in my life. You taught me so much about myself. You had endured more than any of us ever realized, and for that, I am so proud of you […]

Eli Alexander Velasco “Elusiv”

Submitted by: Gina Born: 2004 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Your loving heart of gold will live forever on. Each day that passes, I miss you more and more. I Love you always and forever my sweet boy.

Jerry Holt

Submitted by: Christine Holt Born: 1990 Died: 2021 My Tribute: Jerry was a beautiful person! A loving son, father, cousin, grandson, and friend. He lived his kids first and foremost! He loved pets and was an amazing artist. He is missed so very much. Jerry passed away due to a heroin overdose. He was not aloud […]

Savannah L. Stephens

Submitted by: Lori Born: 1996 Died: 2022 My Tribute: Savannah was the light in everyone’s life. She was the vessel for two beautiful children who will miss her beyond words. She will be forever loved and missed. Love you my sweet girl.

Sean T Garvey

Submitted by: Carolyn Garvey Born: 1993 Died: 2021 My Tribute: Sean had a smile that could light up a room and was a charming young man. He taught us forgiveness, to love with everything you have, and always have an open mind. He quoted the Bible as saying “come as you are not when you […]

Luis Diaz

Submitted by: Nicolette Natale Born: 1979 Died: 2022 My Tribute: I miss Luis so much. It’s been 4 days without you, and you can’t believe that I have to go on without you. We love you. Miss you.

Stephen Gaile

Submitted by: Roberta Gaile Born: 1983 Died: 2021 My Tribute: My beautiful brother Stephen. I love and miss you so much. You have left a void I can’t even begin to describe. Until we meet again, I carry you with me in my broken heart.