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Ben Odishoo

Submitted by: Savannah Bowen Born: 1992 Died: 2020 My Tribute: Loving boyfriend, best friend, brother, and son. More importantly, he was BennyBear to my 5-year-old daughter. Love of my life and missed each and every day. I hate doing life without you, but I’ll live it in your honor.

Turner Lee Minnick

Submitted by: Meg Minnick Born: 1996 Died: 2020 My Tribute: I was blessed to give birth to the most amazing human being ever created. His presence changed the lives of many people. I miss him more and more every day.

Heddie Lynn Dunbar

Submitted by: Daddy Born: 1992 Died: 2021 My Tribute: Heddie we missy you so very much. Mom, Ian, and I are lost without you. I wish so much that I would have known how far your addiction had gone. I want to hug you and kiss you and let you know that addiction can be overcome […]

Paul Wartes

Submitted by: Rachel Wartes Born: 1988 Died: 2021 My Tribute: Paul struggled with addiction his whole life but had managed to stay in successful recovery for 5 years. His addiction resurfaced however and he died from an accidental fentanyl overdose. He was one of the best people I’ve ever known. More than a brother, he was […]

Emily Bishop

Submitted by: Heidi Born: 1998 Died: 2020 My Tribute: I miss you more & more every day; this pain just won’t go away. I love you little sis.

Noah James

Submitted by: Hannah R. Kriech Born: 1998 Died: 2021 My Tribute: Noah is my soulmate, best friend, and the most kind-hearted person I have ever known in my entire life.. he was taken away at only 22 years old. I pray every day that his presence be enough to carry me through times where I feel […]

Antoinette Ann Anderson

Submitted by: Frances Chavez Born: 1983 Died: 2021 My Tribute: For so many years you struggled to win. No one was harder on you than you. You knew where you were going, where you were headed. Air hugs were all we could give each other. Touch was never meant to be at the end. I always […]

Arin Allen

Submitted by: Michelle Ryan Born: 1979 Died: 2021 My Tribute: My beautiful daughter lost her struggle with mental illness and addiction on March17, 2021. She fought so many years of struggles, heartache and abuse. She went through several duel diagnosis treatment programs, rehabs and sober living facilities yet always ending in relapse, wrong psyc meds and […]


Submitted by: Sandi Born: 1991 Died: 2016 My Tribute: He had eyes that sparkled, a smile that lit up a room. His heart was bigger than he ever knew. Gone but never forgotten. Tyler you were loved beyond measure. I long to hold you again! Mom

Dylan Walsh

Submitted by: JoAnne Born: 1981 Died: 2019 My Tribute: My darling boy taken away too soon by a drug overdose of fentanyl. Just 9 days from his 39th birthday. Dylan had such high hopes and aspirations. He lived his life with gusto. He worked with physical challenges without complaint and didn’t let them stop him or […]