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Grant Sawyer

Submitted by: Kim Born: 1988 Died: 2011 My Tribute: http://grantsplacemn.wordpress.com Our family has shared our journey in a blog. Grant was an amazing son, brother,uncle and friend. Our family will never be the same with out him.

Krystle Flaherty

Submitted by: Lynn Stauder Born: 1985 Died: 2013 My Tribute: To my daughter Krystle, 28 years old and a mother of 3 year old. I want to help in the cause of drug overdose. Either by volunteer, education, meet other parents going through the loss of a child. Krystle didn't know she was going to […]

Billy Henderson Jr.

Submitted by: Connie Sanderlin Born: 1991 Died: 2013 My Tribute: My boy Billy was a tough guy on the outside, but a soft, momma's boy, deep inside. He got mixed up with the wrong people and couldnt seem to get loose. I miss him dearly. I think a piece of me died on the day […]

Todd McPhail

Submitted by: Dan McPhail Born: 1975 Died: 2012 My Tribute: In loving memory of my first son Todd McPhail, a kind, loving, funny, warm hearted spontaneous and briliant MRI techician in 5 of the nation's best hospitals and the best son a man could have. He had Bi Polar and chose to treat it with […]

Dean DiGilio

Submitted by: Dorthi DiGilio Born: 1991 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Dean is missed so immensely by so many people. We miss Dean's strength, humor, caring, and just how he lit up a room with the sparkle in his eye. Dean lived life fearlessly. He battled Cystic Fibrosis, depression, and addiction with everything he had. Ultimately […]

Kimberly Schneider

Submitted by: Jeanette Schneider Born: 1973 Died: 2011 My Tribute: Kim was a beautiful, kind, gentle soul who struggled with mental illness and addictions. Combining my efforts with others who have lost their children to problems such as these, I hope to make a difference and perhaps save other children who are struggling in life […]

Benjamin John Burke

Submitted by: Theresa Burke Born: 1984 Died: 2012 My Tribute: Ben was my son--a shy, humble young man who battled heroin addiction bravely and openly. He did everything humanly and spiritually possible to get well, but the disease took him after a 5 year battle. His family does not believe his overdose was an accident. […]

Joshua R. Giroux

Submitted by: Devin Giroux Born: 1989 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Josh was my beautiful, kind, funny, loving little brother. He was clean for 8 months when he decided to use one last time. The loss of him is unbearable to me, the rest of my family & his friends. He left behind his parents, 3 […]


Submitted by: Cynthia Born: 1984 Died: 2013 My Tribute: My beautiful son Andrew. His life ended on 12/24/13, a heroine overdose. He was a joy and a blessing. He made everyone laugh - he was a good hearted man, caring and compassionate To know him was to love him.


Submitted by: Auntie Karen Born: 1995 Died: 2013 My Tribute: My niece Cassie died from an overdose of heroin, far away from home, at the apartment of a misguided relative. We will never know the truth of how this happened or the violence she suffered before her passing. Praying for peace for my sister, Cassie's […]