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Michele Yeo Venezia

Submitted by: Tiffany Roy Born: 1985 Died: 2014 My Tribute: This is the story of my Michele. In life, there are two types of relationships. Some relationships are a result of an active choice, you seek that person out and choose to spend your time with them because you enjoy them. These are friendships. Then […]

Jeff Cullen

Submitted by: Gary Cullen Born: 1981 Died: 2008 My Tribute: Jeff died from an overdose after a long struggle with substance abuse. He died from a disease and will always be remembered for the loving person he really was.

Andrew Moe

Submitted by: Frances Herbert Born: 1983 Died: 2012 My Tribute: My little brother was a wonderful, kind man who would have given someone the shirt off his back. He had struggled with drugs since he was in middle school. Our childhood was filled with abuse, neglect and drug use. He first started on marijuana and […]

Courtney Layton

Submitted by: Laurie Layton (Momma) Born: 1/89 Died: 3/12 My Tribute: My beautiful daughter Courtney Layton died of a heroin overdose in March 2012 at 23 years old. She was my only daughter. We did not even know she was using drugs. I knew she smoked pot, that was it. How could I not have […]


Submitted by: Anne Born: 1993 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Jacob was a loving, sensitive and caring young man. He loved to play his drums and strum his guitar. Truly enjoyed music and life. His addiction started with prescription percocets and began a battle that ended December 22 2013 from a heroin overdose. He wanted to […]

Jenna Caryl Bedau

Submitted by: Cathy M Bedau Born: 1988 Died: 2011 My Tribute: Jenna passed away alone in our home on April 11 2011. She overdosed on Heroin after 41 days of rehab. She had an infectious laugh, was a loyal friend, my only daughter and my friend. I miss her every day, and believe I always […]

Our Baby

Submitted by: Leann Fanion Born: 1989 Died: 2014 My Tribute: Andrew M Fanion 10/3/89 - 01/01/14 Andrew was a sweet honest and loving person, he died of an overdose on new years day after being out of detox for 1 week waiting to get into a half way house. He was a great football and […]

Jarrod Levi Autterson

Submitted by: Wendy@JarrodsLaw.Org Born: 1981 Died: 2004 My Tribute: My son Jarrod died in a sober living home while paying for a second set of eyes. What I discovered shocked me to my core. As a result of this tragedy I created JarrodsLaw.Org to find a solution to the complete lack of oversight in Sober […]

Daniel Dozier

Submitted by: Andrea Dozier Born: 1973 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Because of heroin, I am now half a person. Two little girls don't have a Daddy anymore. We lost our sweet Daniel to a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol. He fought his demons so hard, and for so long. Now he doesn't have to […]

Tyler John Hole

Submitted by: Sherri Hole Born: 1989 Died: 2013 My Tribute: Ty was a home-town Hudson kid who loved this town. He was born in River Falls and was a very welcome baby, our youngest son. Ty grew up with a loving family with two parents, two brothers, pets, stories at night, church on Sunday, dinner […]