Anthony DuMond

Submitted by: Melissa Milligan
Born: 1988
Died: 2016
My Tribute: An incredibly intelligent young man, always at the top of his class in school. Teachers used to ask him to tutor other students who were struggling. He had a unique perspective on the world and could always see sides of an issue that others couldn’t. He used to be an altar boy at church and volunteered to help with Sunday school classes. Loved all animals, but especially loved dogs. Worshiped the ground his little sister walked on, very protective of her and his mama. Quick sense of humor that would have you rolling on the floor laughing. Had a quick temper too, but a heart as big Texas. Always volunteered to help our elderly neighbors with whatever they needed, no charge or expectation of payment. God I miss you, son. Your mama and family love you so much. We’ll see you.