Jenifer Allenby

Submitted by: Virginia Allenby
Born: 1982
Died: 2016
My Tribute: Jenifer was my beautiful daughter who, had three beautiful children. Sadly She lost her fight to this disease on February 7, 2016. She had been in rehab at a place called serenity Springs for three months . I felt that I had finally got to meet my beautiful daughter for the first time in many years . They did an amazing job ,for that I am truly grateful . She then went to sober living called second chances ,In Atlana Georgia . She was there for six days and sadly passed away from a Heroin overdose , on her sons birthday . She had so much ahead of her ,she graduated on Dean’s list with a paralegal degree .She was an amazing mother . She had never before done heroiin, her drug of choice with pills.met a young man at a meeting who was a heroin add ict, that was the downfall of my child . I’m telling this story so you can pass it along to other moms and dads, so they are aware of where they are sending their children after rehab in knowing these AA drug meetings should not be men and women . As her mom ,I know what a good person and a good daughter she really was . I miss her so much ,I feel so empty without her in my life ….