Dana Anderson

Submitted by: Ann
Born: 1936
Died: 2016
My Tribute: I will always love and miss my Mom.

Nathan Morris

Submitted by: Alice Johnson (mother)
Born: 1983
Died: 2016
My Tribute: I miss you sweet boy, mom

Timothy Ryan Mulligan

Submitted by: Mom
Born: 1984
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Love You Forever…. There are no words….

Brendon Scalesse

Submitted by: Carol SCalesse
Born: 1997
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Brendon was my grandson who was raised by the Scalesse family grandparent ,aunts, cousin until he 15 yrs old was so loved came back home when he was 17 with us for 6 mo. until JAN. of 2015 went back home with his MOM . The night before he passed I want him to stay he told he be the next day she was out side beeping so he hugged me so tight and said I love you Nana see you tomorrow
In my heart i know he had something on him i was clue less did not know
cause we talk about the summer him being here with me playing cards

Amanda Sturges-Ofiero

Submitted by: Her sister
Born: 1977
Died: 2016
My Tribute: I still can’t believe you’re gone. Your battle with addiction started way back when you were about 19 which was a big barrier to us ever forming a strong sisterly relationship. I still deeply morn your passing. My family has lost an uncle and a cousin to drug overdoses (both on mothers side) so I do wonder if addiction has something to do with our genes. Over the last 8 months we watched your condition deteriorate to its lowest point. It was then that I realized how big your inner struggle really was and truly felt sorry for you. The demons though had such a firm hold on you and there was no way you could win. You missed so many important and happy moments since you got hooked on heroin, and now I am sad thinking of all the future moments you will not be a part of. You could sing like an angel and were very generous. After you became a drug and alcohol counselor you could’ve helped so many people. It’s such a shame. I was so angry at you for many years for stealing my identity, abandoning your 2 children and for taking advantage of mom and hurting her so much. Now I feel some guilt thinking that maybe if I loved you more, you would never have tried drugs. But then I realize that there was nothing any of us could have done. You always had a wild imagination with distorted recollections, and were a pathological liar even as a young child. You were an expert at manipulation and getting what you wanted. I am heartbroken that these are most of my memories of you. I wish there were more upbeat and positive ones I could hold on to. I am relieved as hard as it to admit that, that you are finally free from your demons. They no longer have hold over you. I pray you are no longer hurting and I pray our family can heal from all the years of hurt. I do love you and will always keep you in my heart! We watched you take too.ur last breath so you were not alone. May you now rest in peace my dear sister, you will be with us forever!

Daniel Glass

Submitted by: His mother
Born: 1988
Died: 1914
My Tribute: My son was slowly seduced by the world of drugs. He was funny & mischievous, sweet, kind & loving. He loved sports, writing lyrics, singing, drawing, tattooing and above all HE LOVED LIFE. He even had an opportunity with a major talent co. in Hollywood! The heroin slowly took the place of all of this…Our house became a battle ground. Rehabs were usually just a place to stop for awhile. He went to jail and was clean for close to two years…but the drug won again, and this time he overdosed. I’ll always miss this big hugs & how he called me “Mama Dukes”…

Jason Freburger

Submitted by: Debbie, loving mother
Born: 1986
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Jason was a hard working electrician for the Board of Education. He loved his family, told us so very often, loved animals, reading a good book, music and xbox. Heroin took our child from us, but our son fought it like a true Warrior trying to live a simple life. His addiction did not define who he was, but it did slink in and rob us of our only child. Jason is loved and missed every minute of every day until our own stories are over and we are reunited.

Ryan aka “Miami” Frye

Submitted by: Mom
Born: 1984
Died: 2015
My Tribute: I write this the day after Mother’s Day…..Mother’s Day without your child is like what? Music without a song? Love without that heart fluttering? It is just wrong…not right. Not meant to be. I kept waiting for you to call like you always did…to hear your voice…never to be heard again. How can that be? You are in my heart, son. Forever and ever and ever….My tears do not stop, but that is ok. I have accepted it. It is the price of grief. It is the price of love.
Ryan passed away after 15 years of struggling with the demon of addiction. He was clean, then used “one more time”. That was all it took…He drifted away from us almost a year ago. One month to day from being the best man in his brothers wedding! Our last dance together…the last time I saw him alive, well and happy! I miss him every second, every minute, every hour of every day until I get to dance with him again in heaven…wait for me by the gate, Ryan. I love you!

William Hart

Submitted by: Mother
Born: 1988
Died: 2014
My Tribute: I never thought I could feel such a devastating pain as I have experienced with the loss of my Son. He battled addiction for years being in and out of rehab and jail. After getting out of rehab July of 2014, right after his 26th birthday, he injected death into his body. Me and his siblings found him a couple days later. Alone. He has od’d before but was fortunate enough to have someone there to bring him back. He is no longer chasing the high or running from his demons. He is with God and many friends. He was one of the best people I knew, when he was clean. My love, my son, he is still with me everyday.