Amanda Sturges-Ofiero

Submitted by: Her sister
Born: 1977
Died: 2016
My Tribute: I still can’t believe you’re gone. Your battle with addiction started way back when you were about 19 which was a big barrier to us ever forming a strong sisterly relationship. I still deeply morn your passing. My family has lost an uncle and a cousin to drug overdoses (both on mothers side) so I do wonder if addiction has something to do with our genes. Over the last 8 months we watched your condition deteriorate to its lowest point. It was then that I realized how big your inner struggle really was and truly felt sorry for you. The demons though had such a firm hold on you and there was no way you could win. You missed so many important and happy moments since you got hooked on heroin, and now I am sad thinking of all the future moments you will not be a part of. You could sing like an angel and were very generous. After you became a drug and alcohol counselor you could’ve helped so many people. It’s such a shame. I was so angry at you for many years for stealing my identity, abandoning your 2 children and for taking advantage of mom and hurting her so much. Now I feel some guilt thinking that maybe if I loved you more, you would never have tried drugs. But then I realize that there was nothing any of us could have done. You always had a wild imagination with distorted recollections, and were a pathological liar even as a young child. You were an expert at manipulation and getting what you wanted. I am heartbroken that these are most of my memories of you. I wish there were more upbeat and positive ones I could hold on to. I am relieved as hard as it to admit that, that you are finally free from your demons. They no longer have hold over you. I pray you are no longer hurting and I pray our family can heal from all the years of hurt. I do love you and will always keep you in my heart! We watched you take too.ur last breath so you were not alone. May you now rest in peace my dear sister, you will be with us forever!