Submitted by: Mom and Sister
Born: 1993
Died: 2015
My Tribute: October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Something we had no idea was a “day” until today. But we think that given everything that has happened this week, it is something that needs to be talked about.

Mental Illness is something that has affected our family directly, something that Greg had suffered with for the past few years and it was not an easy ride. He was a diagnosed schizophrenic and often suffered from anxiety as well. He had to deal with long wait lists until he was finally able to get into a stable program. There are very few strong programs in the city of Calgary to support individuals and families who have to deal with Mental Illness, Greg had to travel all the way up to Foothills Hospital just for a prescription refill! We will always push for better access to help for those suffering.

Greg did not understand how to fully cope with pain in his life so he turned to an easy answer, drugs. As many people with mental illness often do. We didnt even know the severity of his drug problem until it was too late, he suffered in silence. We are not going to hide what happened to Greg. We hope he can be that example that will help send someone down the right path.

We encourage you all to speak up about Mental Health. It is okay to have anxiety. It is okay to be depressed. Speak up. We need to get past this stigma around Mental Health. As a society we need to build up better access to our Mental Health programs. Lets not just give people medications to numb the pain, but actual support systems to help them work through the pain.

And if anyone needs to just talk, we are here to listen. No one should suffer alone and in silence.

Jeremiah aponte

Submitted by: Mary Kay lind
Born: 1983
Died: 2015
My Tribute:

Garrett Conoly

Submitted by: Heatherly Lewis
Born: 1981
Died: 2015
My Tribute: the love of my life for 15 years. he had the biggest heart we would of been married by now. we both struggled with addiction in our years together but it had a big hold on him. he was the strongest person I knew but one pill could make him weak he knew this lord knows how many times he got better then his rached friends would come around and just hand it to him like nothing. I will love him forever he was not only my love but my best friend. I miss him every day.

Matthew Gillen

Submitted by: Lindsay Johnson (sister)
Born: 1989
Died: 2015
My Tribute: This picture is how I choose to remember my brother. We were goofing off on Christmas eve with my dad in 2010, trying on silly gifts. This was when he was a regular old pot smoker. Then he started using spice while in the military to elude detection. It is my belief the spice precipitated his diagnosis of bipolar.

After he was discharged from the navy, he was a whole different person. He stayed in GA for awhile, completed a rehab program for spice addiction (twice). We are six years apart, so unfortunately we weren’t very close at this time in our lives. But i did talk to him on the phone often. I know he like to snort percocets and use cocaine.

Then he moved home in June of this year. Did another treatment program at the VA, where my dad works. They were extremely close. On August 14th, my mom, myself, my husband and daughter, and my dad and brother all went out for dinner that night. My parents have been divorced now for 20 years, so this is something that doesn’t happen very often. The next day was my dads birthday.

The day my brother’s best friend (an EMT) had to break down the door to the brothers house and try to resuscitate him. The day they brought his lifeless, puke covered body to the ER in the hospital I WORK AT WHILE I WAS ON DUTY!

Andrew William Gasper

Submitted by: His Mother
Born: 1985
Died: 2015
My Tribute: It’s only been 3 weeks since Andrew died of a Heroin overdose and I will never be the same. His addiction took him at a time in his life when the future looked brighter than it had in a long time. He had a new job and just gotten a vehicle the day before. I knew that death for him was always near, but I did not expect it now. His friends at his funeral told me stories of how he was there for them and helped them in their darkest hours and how they loved him. But he could not help or love himself. He is my butterfly now and has escaped the pain of this horrible disease. I love you honey, I will see you in heaven.


Submitted by: Reta
Born: 1984
Died: 2015
My Tribute: My son, Josh, was found Oct. 6th in a little creek with a can(s) of keyboard cleaner around. Cause of death is pending. I know he died on September 29th, the last time we talked. I was advised to not see him, so he was cremated. I’m having a hard time finding a way to get closure. He had a wonderful celebration of his life last Wednesday.
Josh has a beautiful son nearly 3 that he adored.
He was the love of my life and my only child. I keep going because I have my Little Josh.
It’s been too soon for me to do a long tribute, in a word, addiction took my wonderful son and great Dad away from us way too soon!

Richard Wellmer

Submitted by: Sherry Wellmer
Born: 1994
Died: 2013
My Tribute: To our dear, sweet Richard who left us at the tender age of 18. He touched so many hearts with his kindness.
Today marks two years since that tragic morning when I found your beautiful face at peace forever. We will always love and miss you.
Love, Mom


Submitted by: Melody
Born: 1991
Died: 2015
My Tribute: This is a poem I wrote for my son for his services. As I wrote, I felt as if he was telling me exactly what to write, with tears running down my face I obliged.

I tried to fight it, but it came too hard
I would knock it down, but not that far
I tried to leave it, but it had a hold
A hold so tight that my Heart couldn’t fight
Little by little I lost my soul
The look in my mom’s eyes could no longer hold
Each and every time it came with more power
Only to leave me feeling more like a coward
My heart would ache and my love began to fade
Another day wasted, and even further away
A new day would come and I would try again,
But it would always find me and make me bend
He would send his soldiers to help me work,
Always telling me what I’m worth
I wanted to believe them with all my heart
But it would come again and whisper, “you are not that smart, you cannot fight me, you cannot win”, so there I was holding 10 more sins
The pain was so hard, my love couldn’t shine, so he took me home…….for the final time
Do not show sadness for me, for I am where I needed to be
I’m now at a place that I can finally be free
It cannot hurt me and turn my mind, because I am home and finally allowed to shine
He loves me mom, you told me did
The joy we talked about it is finally back, I can be safe now and you can relax
Love my sons as you all loved me, for I am better now happier than I could ever be

Joshua Nadelhoffer

Submitted by: Michelle Principe (mom)
Born: 1983
Died: 2014
My Tribute: Joshua Nadelhoffer was someone that when he walk into a room, the whole room seemed to glow, he always had a way to make you laugh, he was so whitty!
He leaves behind a four year old little girl Ava, and so many more that loves and misses him so much, we will never be the same!
He is my Sunshine!