Submitted by: Melody
Born: 1991
Died: 2015
My Tribute: This is a poem I wrote for my son for his services. As I wrote, I felt as if he was telling me exactly what to write, with tears running down my face I obliged.

I tried to fight it, but it came too hard
I would knock it down, but not that far
I tried to leave it, but it had a hold
A hold so tight that my Heart couldn’t fight
Little by little I lost my soul
The look in my mom’s eyes could no longer hold
Each and every time it came with more power
Only to leave me feeling more like a coward
My heart would ache and my love began to fade
Another day wasted, and even further away
A new day would come and I would try again,
But it would always find me and make me bend
He would send his soldiers to help me work,
Always telling me what I’m worth
I wanted to believe them with all my heart
But it would come again and whisper, “you are not that smart, you cannot fight me, you cannot win”, so there I was holding 10 more sins
The pain was so hard, my love couldn’t shine, so he took me home…….for the final time
Do not show sadness for me, for I am where I needed to be
I’m now at a place that I can finally be free
It cannot hurt me and turn my mind, because I am home and finally allowed to shine
He loves me mom, you told me did
The joy we talked about it is finally back, I can be safe now and you can relax
Love my sons as you all loved me, for I am better now happier than I could ever be