Wentzel Van Der Berg

Submitted by: GC
Born: 1984
Died: 2012
My Tribute: Wentzel Van Der Berg
February 23, 1984 – February 25, 2012
Age 29

Hey you guys don’t feel guilty, It was just my time to go. I can see you’re all feeling sad, I can see the tears still flow. My life’s journey ended early, … The path I chose was short. You all tried your best to change it, But in the end it was for me to sort.I know I caused you sadness, I know caused you pain, But I was captured by these demons, They wouldn’t set me free again. They took away my freedom, They took away my choice, And when they got their hooks in, You could hear it in my voice. There were times I tried to fight them, There was a time I nearly won, But they came back and overpowered me, I had nowhere left to run. I haven’t really left you guys, I am closer than you know, I will be the whisper in the wind, I will be everywhere you go. one day you will all forgive me one day you will understand and when your time on earth is done I will be waiting to take your hand.
Author; Jacqueline Grieve