Steven Micah

Submitted by: Sister
Born: 1987
Died: 2014
My Tribute: I lost my big brother, Micah way too soon. Growing up, there was no place that Micah went that his annoying little sister didn’t follow. He started karate, I followed suit; he tried shooting sports, it wasn’t long till I was out there trying to figure out how to shoot a BB gun with him. Even while my brother faced his addiction, there were things about him that I admired. Micah was known for his heart, his compassion, his ability to listen even up until the day he passed. He was the one you would go to when you needed someone to listen or someone to make you laugh. My brother was strong and he battled his addiction for 10 years. I will forever long for the traits that made my brother the lovable guy he was. I love you bubs. I can’t wait to get up to heaven with you.