Remembering Cam

Submitted by: Kristen
Born: 6490
Died: 4315
My Tribute: I lost my only child, Cameron Paul on April 3rd, 2015 from a presumed O.D. of Heroin and Fentanyl.
It was not always easy being his mom–from early behavioral problems, ADHD and a defiant nature–to the horrific addiction that would claim his short life.
I held out hope for such a long time–that he would rid himself of this monster–that his life would turn around and he would drive up to my house one day–the very home he grew up in–and pick me up for dinner (and pay the check!)
But the only car that drove up was a police cruiser, informing us that he was found dead that Good Friday (nothing good about it in retrospect)….all my hopes and dwindling dreams of recovery for my son were dashed in an instant.
But, he left behind a beautiful granddaughter, Gabby that I cherish. She looks so much like him, it often takes my breath away!
My Child

You changed me.
You changed who I am,
You changed who I will be
I am forever changed because of you.

You’ve taught me that love has no boundaries
You’ve taught me that there is more to life than what I know
You’ve taught me to really truly count my blessings.
You’ve taught me the strength of a bond between a mother and a child.

Life is unpredictable
Life is about the love you share, and the people you share it with
Life isn’t easy and there is pain beyond measure
But my life must continue, even though your life is gone.

I must continue, so that I can change the lives of others
the way you have forever changed me