Submitted by: Kathleen H McCall
Born: 1998
Died: 2019
My Tribute: My beautiful Daughter, had PTSD she dealt with depression and anxiety throughout her last years from 3 concussions in car wrecks, she was 5′ tall and weighed 103 lbs. She had just broken up from a 6 year relationship. One day out of her Xanax she got one off the street (I didn’t know it) and when she came home that evening we curled up and ate dinner, we were up all night talking and watching movies together. She was falling asleep in my bed, so I wiped her beautiful long hair out of her face, gave her a kiss, and we told each other, I love you more, laughed together, I rubbed her back until she was a sleep. The next day when I woke up, she was gone. That Xanax was laced with enough fentanyl, it burst her heart and fill her lungs with blood. All this traumatized me and her brother. She had love, courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, talent, guts, but mostly a heart of gold. That’s what Ivy was made of and we will always hurt and miss her being part of our life’s.