Henry Michael VanWitzenburg “Hank”

Submitted by: Carla, Hank’s mom
Born: 1996
Died: 2017
My Tribute: Our dear son, a lover of wilderness, natural hiking paths, and trains has passed away into heavens kingdom on 3-19-2017. He was known in our large family as Hank, and Hawk amongst friends near and far. One to make a difference in everyone’s life by the simplest means; sharing a ride, demonstrating how to catch fish with his hands, making a great campfire, welcoming friends both old AND new, near or far with a smile and warm embrace. He made a dismal situation uplifting by just a point of view. Because he was so trusting, someone who he thought was trustworthy, was not. Hank was clean for 8 months. He came home with a goal of working to save money and travel abroad woth his soul mate, Monica. He will be forever missed by 2 brothers and 2 sisters, mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles and countless friends an passers-by. Until we see you again, Hank. You are truly missed, and always loved.