New GRASP website

GRASP Goes 3.0 with You in Mind

What’s new ? Well, we’ve created a more robust and intuitive GRASP Meeting locations interface, completely re-thought and rebuilt the view on mobile devices (i.e.: smart phones and note pads) while making the overall website more aesthetically pleasing.

Meetings: What was once just an ever-expanding page list of meeting locations is now displayed in a logical cascade order: from country (USA or Canada), to State and Province (37 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces!) and then down to city and town locations (more than 100) that you can easily pinpoint from the regional map. Complete contact information for each location along with days and times are now easier to find and access.

Responsive Viewing: When you visit on your smartphone or other mobile device, you will view a simplified, easier to access, version of the desktop view. Content automatically adjusts to the size of your monitor to make visiting GRASP both easier on the eyes and easier to navigate.

Tributes: As part of our Coping section, personal Tributes of lost love ones has been expanded. If you wish to share a tribute, all you have to do is Post a Tribute here.