Courtney Layton

Submitted by: Laurie Layton (Momma)
Born: 1/89
Died: 3/12
My Tribute: My beautiful daughter Courtney Layton died of a heroin overdose in March 2012 at 23 years old. She was my only daughter. We did not even know she was using drugs. I knew she smoked pot, that was it. How could I not have known. Well she was away at college and perhaps when she came home she hid it well. All I know is that she was home for Christmas and happy and died in March. The coroner report said there were only two needle marks on her arm. She had just started using and she died. She didn’t even have a chance to go to rehab. So my message is it only takes once. Please don’t use. I miss my baby every minute of every day of my life.