Submitted by: Deborah
Born: 1972
Died: 2014
My Tribute: Bill, My soul-mate, the greatest love of my life, my partner for 15 1/2 years, overdosed on heroin on July 3rd, 2014, and was pronounced brain dead the next day. My kids, our friends, and I were with him until he went into surgery the evening of July 6th to donate his kidneys (amazingly okay). He had struggled with alcohol and drugs since he was 15 years old. When he found heroin, that was the real beginning of the end. Bill was a great, caring man, but he could not see the light without the substances. His troubled childhood was a shadow that he could not overcome. His had the most beautiful eyes, the most loving but troubled soul. In spite of this, we had many great times, much laughter, and music. He was a very gifted musician who wrote and sang his own songs, played guitar, keyboards and drums. We loved to hike with our dog, Murphy, in a nearby park and that is where we his outdoor memorial service. A memorial tree will be planted there this fall. This is a poem I wrote and read at the memorial:

Our Souls Had Found A Home

You were my in and out,
My all about,
No rhyme or reason
For the crazy season,
No denying, we had waited
Far too long for that fated
Moment, once found,
The heavens must have exploded with sound,
As we no longer had to roam,
Our souls had finally found their home.

Through laughter and tears,
Those far too short years,
We looked deep into each other eyes,
And saw the forever there inside,
As we no longer had to roam,
Our souls had finally found their home.

And now I have to wait again,
Questioning the why and when
You had to leave,
And you will wait there,
On the edge of everywhere,
And I must keep the faith
That we will have another date,
So we no longer have to roam,
Our souls will again find their home.

-Deborah, your “Debbie”