Samuel John Kelly

Submitted by: Paul N Kelly ( Daddy)
Born: 1993
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Samuel was a loving caring and talented young man. He was an athlete and a wonderful brother to Paulie and Aiden. His smile would light up the room, my mother always said. He struggled with addiction and the frustration of wanting to do the right thing, but being beaten by the sickness. He loved his family more than anything. He tried rehab twice, and relapsed both times. The second killed him. Sambo we will miss you, but we will never forget you. The unique way you saw the world, the ever simple, but very complex personality. Your humor, your smile, and most of all, the love you shared with your family will be what we always cherish and hold on to. We love you Sambo- I just wish I could have been there when you needed me most. You are free now. Let go and fly, like I know you can. All my love, Daddy Forever Love, that is what we shared.

Andrew Mcconnell

Submitted by: Amanda Johnson
Born: 1987
Died: 2015
My Tribute: On Jan 6th, 2015 my nephew passed away from a heroin overdose. My heart aches for his suffering in this life. He had recently moved home to get well and start over. I wish so much he hadn’t relapsed. I miss him. He was smart. Brave. Handsome. And had a sensitive heart. Andrew, you are missed. I wish you nothing but peace. I love you. Aunt Mandy

Zoe Tosh Peterson

Submitted by: Trinlie Yeaman
Born: 1996
Died: 2014
My Tribute: My beautiful daughter and best friend. you were the most kind and loving person, always giving and helping those that needed a friend. I miss you so much at times it is unbearable. This world lost an amazing person whose life was cut way too short. You were such a bright light and now everything seems to have a touch of grey without you. Mumzy loves you so much. To the Moon and Back….