Submitted by: Mauri
Born: 1995
Died: 2018
My Tribute: After losing other children our miracle baby was our miracle . You were perfect . People always had to stop and admire you as a baby and young child . With your golden curly hair and engaging personality you were irresistible . You were smart , perceptive, artistic and had a huge capacity to love and were a true empath. You had selfless love and in your small niche of the world shared your loved with the poor , homeless and disenfranchised and all blessed enough to know you . You were just starting to make those big life plans – a degree in mental health , marriage to your wonderful, adoring James and talking about starting a family . None of those dreams will ever happen and hope is dashed as you died of a fentanyl overdose too soon to live the life you envisioned . The loss of you is a brutal sadness that permeates every waking moment of our days. Our hearts are broken and we are emotionally crippled by your death. Our hope left when you did .We love and miss you.