T. Jordan Merriman

T. Jordan Merriman tribute
Submitted by: Jan Merriman
Born: 1982
Died: 2022
My Tribute: Jordan was such a unique character with an intelligent mind and a quick wit. His best trait was his heart, which was compassionate enough to take in stray animals, and homeless people, and a capacity to forgive any wrong. Not all men are able to take in another man’s child and love them completely as if they were his own, but he could and did. Not everyone could or would try to care for a paralyzed wife, but he did. And he loved me, his mom, completely.

He loved and shared music and books, and movies with me. He let me be a part of his life by introducing his friends to me. He went hiking and whitewater rafting and camping with me. He shared his victories and failures with me, asked me for advice and help, and gave me a reason live.

I miss you so much, but I see little pieces of you in your boys, the best pieces.
You did the best that you could do, and I hope you are at peace.