Stephen Michael Spory

Submitted by: GC
Born: 1983
Died: 2012
My Tribute: Stephen Michael Spory
September 16, 1983 to December 8, 2012
Age 29

How do you describe someone you love so much with a few words? Stephen was my son. He was fun-loving and had tons of friends He loved Michigan football, basketball and hockey. He loved to party and absolutely loved Christmas. Outside, he was confident and thoughtful but inside I think he felt he wasn’t “good enough” which I believe came from having no contact with his biological father since he was 4 yrs old. So to mask this, he drank. He was the life of any party. He knew he had a problem and was going to start treatment. We thought we were going to have time. He died after having a week of “flu-like” symptoms. In reality, his liver shut down. The medical examiner told me he’d never seen a 29 year old with a liver this bad. We never thought his drinking was killing him. . He was 29. I still hear his voice when he would call, “Hey mom!” I miss him every day.