Richard Thambash Jr

Submitted by: Sherry Jimenez (mother)
Born: 1990
Died: 2015
My Tribute: My son Richard’s smile could light up any room. Everyone who knew him said what a great smile and he could always make you laugh. Richard loved sports, movies, his friends and family. He always wanted to be where the fun was. Those are the memories I want to remember of my son most. I miss him terribly and wonder how am I ever going to get through each minute, hour and day. Drug addiction changed who he was. My son became angry, depressed and he must have felt alone at times. Even though he was surrounded by people who loved him dearly. Drug addiction took over his life where at times that’s all that mattered to him. Each day we live without him is incredibly painful and the all the what ifs…I always hoped and prayed Richard would some day have sobriety, be happy and love life again. In order to get up each day I have to believe Richard is with God and is happy now. That he’s not fighting this awful disease and is no longer suffering from the chasI the high. God and other mothers only know how deep the sorrow goes and the thoughts of how life will never be the same. The only thing I’m sure of any more is that I can’t let my son die in vain. I know I must do something in his memory to help and educate others that have been, or will be affected by this disease. I miss my son and love him so much. All the questions I’ll never get the answers too, but I know my son would want me to do whatever it takes so that no one else has to suffer the way he did and no other family has to ever feel the pain that we feel. Rest my son until we’re together again.