Richard Birmingham

Submitted by: Nick
Born: 1959
Died: 2016
My Tribute: My father Richard had a hard life battling addiction. He was injured at work but was in the middle of getting his business together so he declined surgery and decided to just get pain killers instead. My father then got hooked on these drugs and once his supply of them ran out he switched to heroin. He battled addiction for 10 years going in and out of rehab trying to better himself. My father returned to living in the same area as my family. My mom had remarried and that left my father with no one. He lived in a 20×20 foot room in the upstairs of an old lady’s house. He only had me that kept in touch with him and come visit and go out with him. My father then was prescribed annex. He started abusing these drugs and before I could speak up to him, the nice old lady he had roomed with found him dead in his room from a herion overdose. My father was a caring wonderful man and he did not deserve this at all. Now he is at peace.