Katherine Britton

Katherine Britton tribute
Submitted by: Elizabeth Johnson
Born: 1988
Died: 2021
My Tribute: Oh my beautiful red. Out of your siblings you are the one that was gifted with an energy field. We all miss you & how you always found a way to be there for anyone you loved. At 32 you were to young to leave us so early. I am sorry that you got sucked into an evil man’s Webb. I promise to spread your story as you wished. No woman should ever allow a man to take away your individuality. Threw it all, even thou he convinced you to think you couldn’t make it without him, he stole your self-worth, self-confidence & blocked family & friends. You never allowed him to hurt us.When we were trying to protect you but you truly protecting us from him.I promise that your children will know you better threw our love & our memories,they will be loved & cared for as you wanted for them. I’m thankful your not in a miserably lonely situation not live n fear . Im pissed I wasn’t able to stop him & id rather you be here w/family & I could have took your place. U will always be in our hearts & love you, love Mom