Julie Kay Cussen

Julie Cussen tribute
Submitted by: Carrie Farley
Born: 1984
Died: 2023
My Tribute: My youngest sister, Julie Kay, was a plagued with alcoholism for most of her adult life. She had the biggest brightest smile and wanted so much to engage in Life. I was 10 years old when she was born and had a hand in raising her until I went off to college and started my own life. Her favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid. She was a dental assistant by trade and had aspirations of becoming a dental hygienist. She loved her niece and nephew (my two kids) and we all wish we got to spend more time with Julie post-recovery; she died a few days after returning home in-patient rehab. She was such a vibrant light when she was able to let it shine. We miss and love her dearly.