Donevan Hester

Donevan Hester tribute
Submitted by: Alyssa (his mom)
Born: 2007
Died: 2023
My Tribute: Donevan was 16 years old when he died from an overdose. We didn’t even know he was using. It has broken our hearts to learn of this and not have been given a chance to help him. Donevan was an amazing son and brother. He was so smart, affectionate, creative, intelligent, funny and had some great dance skills. He loved to dye his sister and friend’s hair. He was athletic and he didn’t even mean to be. He loved to swim. Donevan was an aspiring fireman. He was recently accepted into a fireman program in high school to work towards his goal. He also just received his first job as a lifeguard. He didn’t even get to enjoy his first paycheck yet. I wish Donevan knew how many lives he has touched and how much he meant to so many people. Especially his family. We all love and miss him so much. Donevan had a beautiful smile and a beautiful spirit. I miss his hugs and forehead kisses. I miss the sound of his voice hearing him laugh. Donevan I love you so much and I wish I could make you come back