Corey Hamilton

Corey Hamilton tribute
Submitted by: Anji Blizzard (Mom)
Born: 1987
Died: 2021
My Tribute: My son Corey, 34 just passed 6/21/21 after a 14yr battle with addiction. He was so much more than that. He had the most beautiful smile, huge heart, loved to work, and adored his kids. Though we had our ups and downs the last 3 yrs, we were extremely close and he was honest to a fault with me. I have never seen anyone fight as he did over the years! I am so proud of my boy and always saw HIM first, then the addiction. I loved him so much and now a part of my soul is forever gone. Quit telling me he is in a better place..he should be here!! He wanted so much to make a change but just couldn’t. He kept saying not yet and chasing that great ‘high. If his death gets to one single person and pushes them to get help it would mean the world to keep this excruciating pain from another family. Hold your children tight to you, be open and even if you are doing the tough love thing keep in touch with them, know where they are (even as adults) and make sure they know you love them unconditionally.