Colton Buckley

Submitted by: Lisa Buckley
Born: 1991
Died: 2014
My Tribute: My son Colton a smart , all around great kid. Was captain of his track team his senior yr in high school. Graduated and went off to college. It was like turning a light switch on. How he changed and started partying. I heard from so many , ” its a stage , he’ll out grow it.” He was kicked out of college for selling weed . It seemed like it was one thing after another. One year ago come July I noticed a drastic change in my son . He refused rehab although finally decided to move back to NY with my family and start over. Started counciling and group therapy . Colton was there for 8 months to the day when I received the dreadful call from my mom that she found him dead. April 6th , one day shy of his 23rd birthday. God I miss him so much.. What I do to relive every moment over again and again . You left behind a beautiful daughter that is 2 years old and 3 sisters. I just wish you saw what so many saw in you.. One thing addiction can’t ever take and that’s Love. Love never dies