A tribute to Tom

Submitted by: Elise P
Born: 1980
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Tom was my boyfriend of 8+ years. He was35 years old, just bought his first house, a teacher, hockey coach. From your eyes he was sitting on top of the world. But from my perspective I saw a different story. Tom suffered severe depression and had battled with this all his life. He often self medicated himself in attempt to ease the pain. On August 3rd, he made the decision. To push the envelope once again after having a successful run of many months sober. Tom didn’t overdose from heroin, but his fatality was without a doubt a “heron related death”. While in his home and under the influence Tm passed out. He was in the kitchen and he bashed his head on the marble counter top. The slowed state of his body due to this drug and the significant head injury caused that to be his moment in this life.
My life is forever changed and I will never be same again. Heaven gained one heck of an angel this time around.
Rest in peace Tom.