Zack Bundy

Submitted by: Sam
Born: 1994
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Alright ZacH… lol inside joke ok so I mean Alright ZacK this is a post I never thought I would need to write but here I am today thinking about every great memory that I have with you. I have only known you for a few years but I’m going to tell you what; it feels like I have known you for my entire life. That’s what you do. You make people feel like they are your best friend. From the first time I met you to the last time you walked out our door you hugged liked you mean it, and made me feel like I was important to you. You always put others first. The very first picture I seen of Shannon was of her and you at a stupid Sharks game, but I could tell right then that you and your sister had a special bond. Something that can never be replaced but I know it is going to be cherished forever. Your whole family is a very close family and you accepted me into it immediately. I remember talking to your sister and her saying how happy she was that you and I got along so well. I also remember being so nervous to not only ask you about taking your sisters hand in marriage but also you being my groomsman. Of course you gave me a bunch of crap at first but then excitedly accepted. Then when I finally asked Shannon to marry me in the middle of a restaurant you yelled for everyone to hear “SHE SAID YES!” We joked you were more excited than she was! That’s who you are Zack, a man that loved so deeply. You and Chloe will always be soul mates and again your love for her and everyone else will get us all through this. Your parents are so proud of you with everything you did. From your hockey days as a kid, to you going through one of the most difficult business schools in the country. But that’s just a testament to once again you being great at everything! No matter what you did, or how many times you did it, you were great at it. From sports to card games you always were the best. I could go on and on here but I want to just leave a note highlighting a few things that pretty much everyone already knows about you. You are a great kid Zack, and you will be missed every single day here.

God needed some help on the blue line playing defense so he brought home an angel. We will see you again soon dude. We love you Zachary Bundy!