Zachary Paul

Submitted by: Helen Hershman
Born: 1994
Died: 2016
My Tribute: Zachary,

You and I grew up across the street from one another since as long as I can remember. We went to Sunday School together, played kickball, and had endless amounts of sleepovers. You were my first kiss. After you left this world, anyone who knew you has not been the same. I am sorry you were hurting while you were here. No matter what you did, we always loved you and still do till this day love you beyond words. While you were on earth you knew I cared for you and I am happy you confided so much information with me. You were one the smartest people I knew, handsome, crafty and so funny. I pray to God that you are happier. As you know, over time, we will be able to function “normally” again. Although we lost you, we have gained an angel. To my forever friend, may you rest in peace until we meet again at heaven’s gates.