Will Brennan

Will Brennan tribute
Submitted by: Cheryl Brennan
Born: 1994
Died: 2022
My Tribute: Will was my first born, he was a great child.: very kind, strong willed and so so smart. We had many wonderful years together alone and then with Noah and Talia, his younger siblings. Headways had girlfriends, and was a loyal friend to those he hung out with. After becoming sober, fell in love with Rebecca, got married, graduated from School of Mines with high grades. He and Reba moved to Oklahoma as Will got a job as an engineer for the Airforce. He seemed happy, accomplished and I didn’t see what was going on in his head. They moved back to Colorado this past year in August to attend School of Mines and get his Masters Degree paid for by the Airforce. He and Rebecca had lots of plans for the future. I was so happy for them. Willy was an excellent artist, musician, and knew everything about music. I spent time with him two weeks before he passed. He gave me sage which I burn to clear space for my son, I will always miss him. Addiction does not discriminate.