Vladimir Yurovskiyh

Submitted by: Dina Yurovskiyh
Born: 2/89
Died: 5/14
My Tribute: My little brother, you left so soon, I am so sorry that I could not protect you from your demons. I will miss your laugh, your intelligence, your taste in fashion and music. I miss our jokes and witty comments. You were a risk taker, and stronger than most people I know. Your sense of humor and love of people followed you everywhere you went. I wished I hugged you more and yelled at you less. My kindred spirit you beat to a different drum. You deserved much more from this life. A beautiful, gentle, sensitive loving soul..one of the smartest people I know..we will meet again in a much better place. God took you away and you suffer no more. Vovachka we love you so much. Rest in peace, I will find you again.