Terry B

Submitted by: Lori
Born: 1969
Died: 2016
My Tribute: I hope you know that I forgive you! I understand the pain you were going through. I know you fought to stay well but losing your only child made life unbarable. Then to have everything else you loved taken away made things even worse. You were dealt a crappy hand. It wasn’t fair. You were such an unbelieably amazing loving human being. So giving. You loved hard and unconditionally. You were my soul mate. My best friend. I dont know how I’m going to go through life without you but I have no choice .Youll always be with me in my heart. I’ll never see another sunrise without thinking of you So many things remind me of you all around me. Thank you for teaching me how to love again.For making me laugh everyday. For how to appreciate the little things and the beauty all around me. I love you with all my heart and soul and I always will. I’ll miss you always.