Susana Kujundzic

Submitted by: Craig McDonald
Born: 1973
Died: 2016
My Tribute: You came in to my life nearly 3 years ago full of dreams and aspirations that quickly developed into a very close relationship.
Even thou there were difficult times – We talked for hours on end, Text – Phone and most times till the wee hours of the morning at my house, trying to figure out life and how difficult it really is. I will miss that — as – I already do – I do believe when you were at my house it was your sanctuary, and I get it now why you did not want to leave. You always said I cannot get anything by you. well you got this by me — I’m so sad. I would give anything right now to make you dinner even thou at the time I complained about doing it.
Your gift for sales was unsurpassed — when the norm would to sell 1 to a customer you would sell 10 —
You were very inquisitive and always asked if you did not know something, I found that so cute.
You Loved the Sauna and wanted to have one every day.
You were a clutz – always breaking glasses you said to me you were a little nervous around me.
You had so many plans — your new job, acing the course you just completed —
I know you loved me and you know I loved you – even at times when it was tough love on my part — I really care about you, and wanted you to succeed in all avenues of your life.
Shine on Susana — I will make sure the doors are locked, keep the aircon above 18 and I will always keep the candles burning.
I keep waiting for you to text me — “On my way” xoxo as this always was what you texted right before you left your house to come to mine.
You will be always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you and miss you very much, Goodbye Susana, my angel RIP – Craig xoxo