Shaq Elmes Torrella

Submitted by: Peta Elmes / Mother
Born: 1993
Died: 2016
My Tribute: Shaq you will be in our hearts and minds forever as the sweet, funny, bright, kind, loving son with a twinkle in your eye. A son who could have done anything he set his mind to do , skiing from the age of 4 and golf at age 5, you excelled at both sports and received many awards over the years. In your last year before you passed from this earth you found your passion in the Arts, Photography and Graphic design. You were our only child we celebrate your life and we loved you unconditionally. We will carry on and take into our lives your passions in life, and the kindness and help you showed to others for the rest of our days. You may be gone but never forgotten by your family and friends who loved you so very much.