Scott Shawn Schultz

Submitted by: GC
Born: 1987
Died: 2011
My Tribute: Scott Shawn Schultz
March 20, 1987 to June 11, 2011
Age 24

My son Scott came to me on the first day of spring 1987. My first born and my only son. All of your bios sound so familiar. My son kept telling me that the girl he was dating kept pressuring him to try drugs. It was so out of character for Scott. Truly a level headed boy and would not even think of even having a beer when he was out with friends, but for the love a beautiful girl who he confided constantly leaving him at parties and restaurants because of his constant refusal to do drugs with her. I tried but he finally succumbed, finally to heroin, only on it for 2 1/2 years but lost his fight after being clean for 9 months on June 11, 2011. I am devastated and sometimes beg the Lord to take me as the pain I wake up to along with horrifying panic attacks are so overwhelming. I had to resign and go on disability for my severe depression. Lost a good job along with medical. I pray for all of you along for Scott and all of our angels. Thank you all for sharing. God help us all!