Ryan (aka Miami) Frye

Submitted by: Jeanne Frye (Mom)
Born: 1984
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Ryan was an incredible, happy, creative and sensitive spirit. He had a smile that was infectious and those beautiful blue eyes! He was only 30 years old when he passed.

His loss cuts deeply. I try to remember the happy times, the smile, the weekly phone calls…”Hey, Mom! What are you doing” or the famous…” You won’t believe what just happened!”

He made friends easily, loved music and lit up any room he entered. Anyone who met Ryan, remembered him. He was comfortable with people from any lifepath…he could have a conversation with anyone and make them laugh. As I look through his pictures, I notice very few that he was not smiling.

It just occurred to me that when he joined us in Tennessee for Joe’s wedding one month before his passing it was the one time he flew. He always took the bus to visit us. From Miami to Tennesse, a full day and half trip! I remember asking him why he would prefer taking the Greyhound bus to flying? It sounded like torture to me…..He simply answered that there were some very cool people to talk to on the bus and he would miss out on that experience if he flew……that was our Ryan.

What saddens me the most? The fact that he never truly realized just how loved, unique and special he really was. Both my boys are so special but really, I have never, ever met anyone quite like him! When he left us, he left a hole in heart.
He is buried on our farm in Tennessee, under the oak tree. Love you…baby!!