Rebekah Christianna

Submitted by: Amy Wojtalik
Born: 1996
Died: 2022
My Tribute: Rebekah had the most contagious smile, it lit up the room! She was the most caring, kindhearted person I knew! She was always there to help anyone! She was my world, my best friend, my loving daughter and my Sunshine! She never stopped fighting her demons! She fought so hard! Addiction is a horrible disease. Yes, she went to use that Friday afternoon, but what she was given was not what she thought it was, she overdosed from carfentanyl-laced crack cocaine. That day my world was shattered, and even 1 year later, I’m still shattered ( as well as her dad and younger brothers). Even after death she still continues to help as she was able to save 4 lives with organ donation.
Mommy loves you baby girl forever and always! Forever 25! I hope you are twirling and dancing in the sky! Love you Sunshine!