Raymond Bauer

Submitted by: Dawn Troutt (mom)
Born: 1981
Died: 2019
My Tribute: My son was almost 1 year sober, we had the best year of reconnecting, making memories, laughter, happy and sad tears. It was a gift. I got my son back but even better, he was more humble and real. I spent the day with him before his passing, looking back now there were some small signs but nothing that was enough that really would have made me realize more. I got the call the next morning when I was at work. The call no parent should ever have to get.

My son loved music of all kinds, he was a DJ and loved being in his element in the clubs. He loved animals and sports – all of the Philly sports. He was an avid fan and went to many games, worked at the stadium, and met many sports stars.

He said in one of the last meetings he chaired, with tears streaming down his face that he wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for me because I never gave up on him, I was his rock and best friend. I will treasure that always. He was 38 when he passed.