Pete (Kristy) Beattie

Submitted by: Betty-Lou Kristy
Born: 1976
Died: 2001
My Tribute: My son Pete. Who Pete was and what we were together.
As a baby he was perfect. I could not believe this precious gift was mine. He was my light in a very dark world.
His huge eyes reflected a pureness and innocence that made me heart melt. From very early in his childhood one could sense the uniqueness that was Pete.
He played soccer badly. He played football badly. He played hockey beyond badly. He also had a love/hate relationship with videos games because….he played badly.
He performed in plays and accompanied his nanners to all of the live theater events. He watched soap operas with me and we read movie magazines together (but I was forbidden to tell anybody) (smile)
Pete was a comic genius. He was weird, whacky and a little off the wall (like his mom)
Pete and I were two very unique peas in an unusual pod. we were perfectly IMPERFECT. Outsiders may have labeled us as dysfunctional, co-dependent…..and to a large degree that was true. But we were darn good at making it work for us and we loved each other immensely. He was my reason for EVERYTHING and he made me a better person. (he still does)
He also struggled with learning and self esteem. Depression and anxiety morphed. And with that he self-medicated with alcohol and drugs. A narcotic opioid prescription for Percocet and then Oxycontin started him on the road to destruction. The euphoric high made him feel like superman.
He was addicted and trapped.
I lost my super hero on Dec 23 2001 from an accidental mixed drug overdose (Oxycontin and psychiatric medication).
I miss him every second……