Submitted by: Marina Soybelman
Born: 1986
Died: 2018
My Tribute: My son Nick batteled addiction desease for more then16 yrs.
Many detoxes,rehabs, relapses,and overdoses,nothing helps,moving him out from US to foreign countries, still nothing was helps him.
Before he passed, he was successful in his recovery program,get good job,place to live,get out finally from halfway house,just get a car,attends 12 step meetings regularly, had great support from family and his recovering friends,etc.
But unfortunately his overdose himself in his room ,911 called quickly, they can not save him,was late,no life was in him no more.
He was positive
for coccaine,morphine,weed,and overfose with fentanile. Plus aspiration
He was so loved by many people’s, with sweet heart and great personality, always laughing and make a jokes,but full of negative thinking about himself.