Nicholas K Pressley

Submitted by: Patti Pressley
Born: 1983
Died: 2015
My Tribute: Nick was my second son. He was born after the tragic loss of our first son to SIDS at two months of age. He was a beautiful soul, a quiet serious individual who even as a child had anxieties about the world we live in. He suffered from addiction for a long time. He felt separated from the rest of the community. He was trying to deal with the legal system which was just digging the hole deeper for him by the day. He was a victim of a grossly inadequate system of care/treatment. He fell apart when the love of his life left him. He was an incredible artist and self-taught musician. He was a lover of animals. He was generous beyond his ability to give and was a protective friend to all he called friend. I miss him every day. We struggled together to get him the help and relief he needed from this awful disease called addiction. He however, paid the ultimate price of this illness. May God rest his soul.