Submitted by: mom
Born: 1979
Died: 2016
My Tribute: Murray — the *sun* (son) of my life– my joy and reason for feeling loved all those years…!!! But something happened in his teens – like his 51 year old aunt (fathers side), grandfather and great aunt (also on fathers side) all suffered from an incurable addictive gene that took all their lives. But he was and will always be my baby boy and Murray, Linda, me, and your cousins Jon and Steven and all the relatives that still don’t understand what I/we are going through and the friends that still cared about you but didn’t know how to help – we miss you! The sensitive intelligent loving person you will always be. I don’t know why God makes us like this – I thought he made all His creations perfect… or loved us enough not to make us, and especially YOU suffer like that,alone, and for so long. You barely made it to 37— 20 years or more of fighting with a demon that won in the end.
I love you son. I love you- I still can’t deal with it. How can I learn to deal with it… Why you had to push me away… but now you are beside me in my room, as when you were little and no one but you and me mattered…
Love forever, my treasured beautiful son. I love you Murray.