Missing my big brother

Submitted by: Joanna
Born: 1980
Died: 2014
My Tribute: I think about you every minute, missing you every second and reminiscing of our good times growing up together. You knew I loved you, I’m sorry that it turned into tough love as you’re illness, your addiction took over. I should of told you I loved you every chance I had. I let four years go by, fighting and having you think I didn’t care. I’m sorry Robby, but it’s too late now….I will never get to say it again. I wish I could of taken your pain away, that made you turn to drugs and alcohol. I didn’t know that’s how sad you were. I promise I will take care of your unborn baby girl …the circle of life. Your life will go on through her. I love you big brother. And I still think you were the best brother. I hope you and dad are now at peace together.
I’m 24 years old, i lost my dad exactly five months ago due to alcoholism on his 60th bday and just two months later I get another horrible phone call, this time it was my brother that had OD on heroin in his newly pregnant girlfriends home. To top everything off, I have had custody of my sisters 3 youngest children for 1 year, due to her heroin addiction, I also have two young sons myself. Taking care of five children and trying to accept the deaths due to depression and addiction is the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with of my 24 years of life. But who else would do it? I have to stay strong. Life is hard, but please don’t turn to drugs….it hurts everyone.